Devault Refrigeration’s vast experience and expertise allows us to rely on time tested solutions and be creative and flexible while offering premier refrigeration services. Extensive refrigeration knowledge allows us to engineer and develop refrigeration system designs specific to your project. The result is performance you can trust in the installation of a quality product

Licensed Professional Engineering Services

Devault provides licensed professional engineering services for all of the systems that we design and install. Licensed engineering services ensure that your system is professionally designed and in compliance with applicable codes.

In-House Drafting and Design

With an in-house drafting and design department Devault controls and manages the design from start to finish.

  • Ensures that designs are accurate and comprehensive.
  • Allows us to be responsive to clients’ design modifications
  • Quickly coordinate and integrate designs with other trades and General Contractors
  • 3-D & BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities
  • PSI (Process Safety Information) including P&ID’s and drawings necessary for regulatory compliance

Certified Pipe Welders

Installation and quality are just as important as design. All of our pipe welders are ASME XI certified and are required to follow industry and in house safety standards.